Here are some tips and tricks our consultant team has gathered to help you make the best use of your self study's document directory:

  1. Confirm an organization strategy with your team and stick to that plan to avoid confusion and duplication of resources within the library.
  2. Agree on a naming and organization convention for files added.
  3. Work collaboratively to assemble the document library early so it’s provides an easier workflow.
  4. Of the ways to organize, the following have been recommended:
    • By requirement (the most popular method)
    • By section (less granular)
    • By Topic Area (SLO, Staff information, etc.)
  5. Avoid using folders where possible so that everything will be sorted alphabetically and visible to avoid duplication, especially if your self study team is very large. The deeper your foldering structure, the greater chance that a file will be misplaced or duplicated.


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