To help you coordinate a meaningful and informative program review process that moves your assessment practice forward, consider leveraging Campus Labs’ partnership with the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS), which gives you access to the CAS Self-Assessment Guides and supporting materials. Make your work easier and more seamless with an entire library of CAS standards and self-assessment guides built right into your Program Review system, where an unlimited number of users can access them. In addition, you have exclusive access to our CAS Library where new and updated standards are made available the moment they are released by CAS.


The Value of Using the CAS Standards

CAS has established standards to guide practice for student affairs, student development, and student support services that can be used towards the goal of assuring and enhancing quality practice. These guides are developed and updated through collaboration and consensus and are designed to apply broadly across institution types and sizes. To start your process, choose the applicable set of standards and assign them to the appropriate department or office. As these standards are only a guide, you can choose to incorporate additional fields for institution-specific assessment processes.


The Value of Program Review

By partnering Campus Labs Program Review and CAS materials, you can organize, track, and review everything through a central online location. You’ll have the reassurance that comes with a consistent process, but still benefit from the flexibility of immediate access. Program Review allows you to manage workflows with ease and clarity by customizing templates, linking your assessment data and connecting it back to your program review, and identifying areas for improvement. As always, you can work directly with a Campus Labs Assessment Consultant for expert assistance in launching a program review process and expanding your assessment culture.


Newest Resources

As of April 2020, CAS has provided these updates

Self-Assessment Guides (SAGs):
• Campus Police and Public Safety
• Counseling Services
• Leadership Education and Development
• Master’s Level Higher Education and Student Affairs Professional Preparation Programs
• Registrar Services

Cross-Functional Frameworks (CFFs):
• First-Year Experiences
• Advancing Health and Well-Being
• Identifying and Responding to Behavioral Concerns


Learning Together

While staff are adjusting to working remotely, the process of self-assessment and program review can continue given the technology available. Knowing how people are responding during this time will help us plan and best serve you. If you are currently implementing self-assessment and program review using CAS, please take five minutes to complete a short survey from CAS about your next steps.


Program Review in Action

Learn how the University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s Division of Student Life is integrating the value of student affairs into the fabric of the institution by removing data silos and creating a shared language of assessment.

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"The Campus Labs Program Review tool is incredibly valuable – it is where the evidence comes to light and experts provide guidance on how to have a stronger impact on students. It benefits all of us to involve more staff in how their work is interpreted and understood."

- Melissa Brown
Director of assessment and strategic initiatives for Student Life
The University of Tennessee, Knoxville


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