Allowing feedback from External Reviewers is a best practices to ensure your narratives are the best they can be. 

Since access to your Accreditation site is reliant on all users being authenticated, you will need to work with your on-campus IT team to setup generic accounts for any external reviewers. This is the standard practice for giving external reviewers access to the site.

We suggest setting up accounts with formats like:

Once your IT team has created accounts for the reviewers, it is simply a matter of the Site Administrator giving these new "users" the appropriate access to your site.

For future external evaluations, you can continue to re-purpose the accounts each semester for whichever bodies or collections require an external reviewer. 

We are more than happy to be a part of a call with IT. Since we do this often, it is easy for us to explain the need. Coordinate with your consultant to connect your IT department with our Support Team if necessary.

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