We are excited to share a dynamic addition to our Offline Report (formally known as Archive): a PDF option. Clients shared that, in some cases, a more simplified version of the current robust web style or HTML Offline Report is needed for accreditation or reaffirmation. 

Offline Reports provide you and report viewers: 

  • Flexibility: Seamlessly access reports without dependence on continuous internet connectivity.
  • Convenience: Run your Link Checks and generate your Offline Report in multiple formats when you need it
  • Efficiency: Navigate through structured reports and linked evidence with ease.
  • Accessibility: Access critical documentation offline for meetings, reviews, or reference purposes. There is no need to sign into a separate sFTP site for access.

Users can now access their accreditation and reaffirmation reports in a downloadable PDF format, providing convenient offline access to essential documentation. 

The PDF includes a crafted Table of Contents, ensuring a structured and easy-to-navigate experience through the report’s sections. Also included is offline access to all linked evidence in the report, along with integrated Anthology Planning reports, faculty rosters, and other interconnected documentation.

We are excited to empower your institution with greater flexibility and convenience for the accreditation or reaffirmation reporting process.

For a step-by-step guide on how to generate your Offline Report, please refer to this support article.

We want to thank our institutional partners who have continued to provide us with feedback on this process as we have been iterating on it. 

  • Grove City College
  • Illinois Eastern Community College
  • University of Louisville
  • University of Florida

While the process to generate your Offline Report is now at your fingertips, if you have questions or need assistance, please contact us at support@campuslabs.com.

Submit your suggestions for Offline Reports and other product development and enhancement using the Anthology Idea Exchange.  

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