The text editor within Compliance Assist is a platform that utilizes HTML to display content. When multiple users are collaborating across campus with adding content with text formatting differently according to their preference, reports can end up with inconsistent formatting. In order to display consistent font type/sizing format, all content being pasted into the Narrative should be done so using the “Paste as Plain Text” button.

Some issues that users encounter when not utilizing this “plain text” function include inconsistencies in:

  • text size
  • font type
  • indentations/bulleting/numbering
  • spacing

In an effort to ensure format consistency amongst all contributions within Compliance Assist, we can now default all pasted text as “plain text”. You may elect to do so by contacting us at and we will enable this feature for your campus.

Examples of how this “Paste as Plain Text” impacts the content you are placing into the site is as follows:

BEFORE:                                                                    AFTER:

NOTE: Text formatting can be applied using the buttons within the text editor after pasting.

BEFORE:                                                               AFTER:

NOTE: For best results, we encourage you to utilize our Table Wizard in place of pasting tables into Compliance Assist.

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