System Updates

Announcing: Integration with Campus Labs “Insight”

Campus Labs Insight brings the power of data analytics to bear on your assessment, planning, and review processes allowing institutions to easily produce the types of charts, graphs, and dashboards that show your stakeholders precisely where you’re at in relation to meeting institutional goals and standards.

Any institution using Insight and the Planning module of Compliance Assist can now link both Insight Dashboards and Narratives to their Planning Items in order to provide a real-time look at current metric-based trends or historical progress. Contact your Campus Labs representative for more information on how you can make Insight’s analytics and visualized reporting part of your next planning effort.

For instructions on how to incorporate your Insight data into the Planning module, click here.


More Visibility for Planning Item Progress
If you use the progress options on Planning Items to track the state of goals, objectives, and other items, you’ve probably wondered how you could more-easily see the overall status of your plans at any given time.  While the gap analysis report is a great way to share overviews of progress with others, we wanted to make it easier for you to quickly see where things are at within the system. We added a sortable progress column to the Planning dashboard that will show your customized progress indicators and statuses.  This information has also been added the list of related items seen when viewing the details of a Planning Item.


For more information on how to use Progress fields, click here.

New Options for Exporting Data
Are you wanting a better way to track of all the users you’ve granted access to within the system? Need help figuring out who has access to what based on the roles you’ve assigned within your organizational tree? We have added the ability to export a list of all your users and their roles from within the Planning module.


To learn more about user and role creation as well as our new “Export Users/Roles” button, click here.

The process for exporting planning data out of the system has been upgraded too. Now, when you run a report you’ll have the ability to let it run in the background while you go about your business—we’ll send you an email when your report is ready for download (this is particularly handy for large reports!). You can also access copies of your previous reports for quicker access to data on the fly.


For more information on generating/downloading reports, click here.

Styling and Layout Updates
New progress columns, additional reporting buttons, and other things still in the works meant we needed more space. You may have noticed your page views are a little wider now, giving you more space on your computer screen to work within the Planning module. We updated the look-and-feel of Planning as well, so that those of you using multiple Campus Labs products will have a more consistent administrative experience.

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