System Updates

Further Updates to Reporting Interface
During our last release, we updated the process for exporting planning data so that when you ran a report you'd have the ability to let it run in the background while you go about your business, and then receive an email when it was ready to be retrieved. We also added the ability for you to access copies of your previous reports for quicker access to data on the fly.


Based on your feedback, we've made a number of additional enhancements to improve the navigation and usability of this area within the site. These changes include:

  • The "Download" link to access past copies of reports you've generated will be renamed to "History."
  • The "History" link will only appear for those reports for which you have past copies available to download.
  • The "History" page will open in a pop-up window, making it easier to return to the main reporting navigation.
  • An "Organization Unit" column will be added to the "History" view, making it easier to differentiate multiple copies of the same report generated from different parts of your organization.
  • A "Generate Report" link has been added to the "History" page so you can quickly get a fresh copy of a report.

Detailed information on generating and downloading reports is available on the support and documentation site.

New Icons for Planning Items

Much like using your own terminology for goals, outcomes, or entire plan--the ability to use customized icons throughout your site is one of the ways to make the experience of using Planning specific to your institution. We know many of our member campuses have come up with creative visuals that represent different types of Planning Items, allowing them to help users easily identify items by their type and to add visual context to their reports.

New icons will become available for you to assign to existing planning items, confidence intervals, and progress indicators. These icons come in small and large sizes, and are meant to provide a clean and consistent look to the iconography available for you to use in your site. Your existing icon selections will not chang--these new options will simply show up as additional options from which you can choose. Of course, you can also download and edit them in order to customize them further!


Further information on how to edit Data Types can be found on the support and documentation site.

General Fixes and Adjustments

Improvements will be made for existing functionality in reports related to including Related Items, setting up filters, changing fiscal years, and including budget fields. Improvements have also been made for linking Baseline or Insight data sources to Planning Items, and attaching files to narratives using certain versions of Internet Explorer.

We hope you find these updates helpful. If you need more information be sure to check out our support and documentation site.

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