A common question we receive is whether tables can be copied and pasted from an external source into an Accreditation or Program Review narrative field. While it is possible to copy and paste a table from another document into your text box, we do not recommend this method. Formatting issues frequently arise when pasting a table or attempting to edit a pasted table. These issues can occur due to extra html coding in the original source plus the Compliance Assist module rendering the formatting in a different way.

There are two options we recommend for incorporating tables:

1. Add the table as an image

Save your table as an image and upload it into the text box using the Image Manager. Each text field is equipped with an image uploader, accessible by this icon:mceclip0.png. When the image is loaded, you can re-size the entire table to ensure proper fit. For further guidance on adding images, please see Adding Images to a Text Box.

Tip: This is a quick and easy option when no content within the table will be hyperlinked to another source (e.g., document directory or requirement source files).


2. Build a custom table

Use the Compliance Assist table builder to construct your table within the text field. This helps ensure your tables can be sized, formatted, and edited appropriately within the narrative. Each text box is equipped with a basic Table Wizard tool, accessible by this icon: mceclip1.png. Please see the attached table builder guide for step-by-step instructions on how to create and format a custom table.

Tip: Building a table requires a little more time than uploading an image, but it is the best option if the table needs to be dynamic (e.g., edited by other users, or has text or numbers that will be linked to additional source material).


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