Follow the steps below to reference Document Directory sources into your requirements.

  1. Be sure to load your document(s) into the Documents Directory tab first.
  2. In the Edit mode of the requirement scroll down to “Document Directory Sources”
  3. Click “+ Add New Source”
  4. Find the document you want to reference and click it
  5. Towards the bottom of the new window in the field titled “Page Number (optional) key in the page number you want the reference to open
    • Please note that when you make the number reference, you will want to reference the PDF page number, not the document page number unless, of course, they match. A majority of the time, the PDF page number and document page number do not match. For example, a cover page or title page is noted as page 1 by the PDF, but is often not numbered in the document content.
  6. Click “Add Source”
  7. You are now able to reference that Source in your Narrative.       

*To learn how to reference the source in your narrative, see Creating Source Links in your Narrative.

Note: If you are using the Adobe Acrobat Chrome extension, this extension may overrule your chosen page number and open the PDF at Page 1. We recommend deactivating this Chrome extension or using a different browser. 

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