A Requirement Source is a document that will only be referenced in a specific requirement/standard.  The document will not be used or seen anywhere else in the site, except the one standard it is uploaded to.

To upload a PDF as a Requirement Source:

  1. Navigate to the standard that will reference this document
  2. Click Options > Edit Item
  3. Scroll down to the Requirement Sources box and click Upload File 
  4. Click Select to upload one document or click Upload Multiple Files
  5. Choose the document(s) from your computer, then click Upload Files 

We do not recommend including links to other resources within your PDFs uploaded as Requirement Sources, as these secondary links cannot be captured in an Offline Report

If you need to use a document for several requirements, or would like to reference page numbers of documents, you’ll need to place that document in the Document Directory tab. The page referencing function is only available in the Document Directory Sources tool.

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