Site Administrators can add new users without a mass import by your Product Specialist. Simply follow the steps, below!

  1. Go to the Options > Users page.
  2. Click on "Add User," which is located above the Username column of the user list.
  3. Fill in the form for the new user.
    • For non-authenticated websites, you will create a temporary password for the user; this is typically something like "password1" or "temp123." Be sure to check the "User Must Change Password at Next Login" box, so the user will be prompted to change their password to something more personal upon their next login.
    • For authenticated websites, you will need to provide a Federated ID for the user. This is typically the prefix to the user's email address, but check with your IT Department on campus to be sure. This ID is required for users to access the website using their campus credentials.
  1. Click "Save & Close" and you will return to the user list.
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