Site Administrators have the ability to create users in the Compliance Assist system. Accessing the user page in Compliance Assist will vary depending on the module you have access to. To add users in Planning, follow the steps below!

  1. Click on the Administration tab.
  2. Click on the Users sub-tab.
  3. On the user list page, click on the green “Add User” button.
  4. This will open the user profile page. Here, you will need to complete all of the profile information for the individual.
    • Typically, the username mimics the first part of a person’s institutional email address. So, for example, a user with the email address, would have the username of jdoe.
      • For non-authenticated websites:  It is general practice to give all new users a temporary, generic password of “password1” or “temp123”. To ensure the user changes their password upon the first login, make sure you check the “User Must Change Password at Next Login” box.
      • For authenticated websites:  You will not have the ability to set a temporary, generic password; however, you’ll need to verify a “Federated ID” for the user through your campus IT department. This allows a user to login with campus credentials.
  1. If you desire the user to be a Site Administrator, Manage the Announcements page, or Manage the Budget tab, check the appropriate boxes.
  2. Once you have finished with the user profile, click “Save & Close.”
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