Site Administrators have the ability to create users by following the steps below:

Log in to Accreditation or Program Review.

Click on the Options tab.

Click on the Users sub-tab.

On the user list page, click on the green “Add User” button.

This will open the user profile page. Here, you will need to complete all of the profile information for the individual (Federated ID, First Name, Last Name, Username and Email).

  • the Federated ID allows a user to login with campus credentials and is often referred to as the External ID in other Campus Labs tool. The Federated ID can follow different conventions, so you’ll need to verify your institution's Federated ID format with your consultant. 
  • Typically, the username mimics the first part of a person’s institutional email address. So, for example, a user with the email address, would have the username of jdoe.

Click “Save & Close”

Click the Permissions tab in the top-right and follow the steps in our support article Assigning User Permissions to provide this user with the appropriate access. 


If you are a Site Administrator and you would like to upload multiple users at the same time to use for both Program Review and Accreditation please populate the attached file. Once you have populated the file please send it to to have the file imported into your site.

Note: If you need to add users to the Planning tool, that is a separate site and process. Find the steps outlined here

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