Users must have an Accreditation account before you can give them permission to access Credentials. Follow the steps in Adding New Users to Accreditation to create their account. 

It is generally advised that access to the Credentials Module is kept to a small number of people (2 - 3). These folks would be given Site Administrator access to work through updating the faculty credentials information.

You can give a user Site Administrator access in Credentials by navigating to Credentials > Administration > Users. Click on their username, check the box for Site Administrator, then Save & Close.

However, some campuses may wish to provide users limited access to select Managing Departments, rather than all faculty profiles in your Credentials module. Follow the instructions below to provide access to the Managing Departments within Credentials:

  1. Go to Credentials > Administration > Organization
  2. The organizational chart to the left of the page lists the Managing Departments of the module. These Managing Departments are the location of the faculty profile in the site itself. A user must have a role within a Managing Department to access the faculty profiles located in that unit.
    • To add a new role, click +Add New Role to [Managing Department Name] within the unit you'd like the role to belong in.
    • In the new window, name the role and select the user assigned to that role from the drop-down menu. 
      • For Course Permissions, you can provide access to courses located in that org. unit of the org. chart with either View Access (read-only access) or Manage Courses access which allows the user to edit course/section profiles located in that unit of the org. chart.
      • For Roles, you can offer View Roles (read-only access), or Manage Roles access which allows the user to create or edit role settings in that unit of the org. chart.
      • For Faculty, offer either Reviewer (read-only), Contributor (editing existing faculty profiles), or Administrator (adding, editing, and deleting faculty profiles) access to the user. 
    • Click Add.
    • When finished adding all roles in that unit, click Save.

Additionally, if you would like your online reviewer to have the ability to explore the Credentials site with a link from the Accreditation module, they must have the appropriate permissions assigned within Credentials.

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