The Credentials module's Administration tab is for Site Administrator use. This article will explain the different sub-tabs within this area.



Where you can provide Credentials access to users that may need to edit faculty profiles. Roles and role permissions are given to users within a Managing Department of the organizational chart.


This user list is the same user list across all modules in your Compliance Assist suite. You can give a user Credentials Administrator access on this tab.


This is where you can manage the types of degrees, experiences, and professional development tags that are applied in the faculty profiles. In each sub-tab, you can add, edit, or delete a type. When finished making changes, be sure to click Save!


One way of organizing faculty in the faculty roster is to list them by discipline. On this tab, you may add, edit, or delete disciplines to be used in the faculty profiles. These can also be imported through working with our central support team. If making changes manually, be sure to click Save when finished!


Categories are often created when you want to break-down lists of faculty. For example, you may have the following categories: Program Coordinators, Department Chairs, Deans, Administrative Staff, etc. Having these categories provides a filtering option when creating your faculty rosters. This tab will allow you to add, edit, and delete any categories from the site; these can also be imported through working with our central support team. If making changes manually, be sure to click Save when finished!

Course Types

This tab is where you can create a list of course types that will be noted in the course profiles. For SACSCOC institutions, be mindful of the four types defined by the agency--Undergraduate Transferable, Undergraduate Nontransferable, Developmental, and Graduate. Each course profile can be assigned one course type. 


These are applied to the faculty profiles and define the status of the faculty member. Most often these are Full-Time or Part-Time. Although, you can add Adjunct or other statuses as well.


This tab allows you to control the display of the fields within the faculty, course, and section profiles. You can adjust the display name of the fields, the visibility, and editing capabilities.


Multiple terms/semesters can be held in the module, this is where you'll control the names, term IDs, and start/end dates for each term. 


Here you can create settings for matching jobs and other user access settings (note: if your site is authenticated, the Access sub-tab will not operate).


Refer to the article, The Credentials Module for information on the import files.

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