The Faculty Roster is generated via the Credentials module, which comes with the Anthology Accreditation. You must first have imported all of your faculty, credentials, and course information into the Credentials module before you can generate a faculty roster.


Some accrediting bodies, such as the SACS-COC, require that an institution submit a list of faculty members employed at the institution along with qualification information. The Credentials module in Compliance Assist can house this information, along with course assignments, to generate a four-column roster format for your accreditation reports. To generate this report, by Department or Discipline, follow the steps below.

*Note: You must be in Anthology Accreditation to generate the roster.

Creating the Roster (You must have Site Administrator access to do this.)

  1. Go to Accreditation > Options > Credentials Rosters.
  2. On this page, click “+ Add New Roster.”
  3. Name your Roster and note the date you created it in the “Date Completed” field.
  4. Choose whether or not to include Retired faculty in the roster.
  5. Choose the semesters, or terms, that you would like to include in the roster.
  6. Choose how you would like your courses listed in column two of the roster.
    • Click the “View Examples” link to see how each listing appears.
  7. Choose whether or not you would like to include the word, “degree” in column three of your roster.
  8. Choose which credentials details you would like to include in column four of the roster.
  9. Choose which report you would like to roster built for.
Note: there can only be one roster associated to a given report

Generating the Roster in an Accreditation Standard

  1. Once the roster is created, go to the standard of the accreditation report you would like to include it in. Click on Options > Edit Item.
  2. In edit mode, click on the tab, “Credentials,” that is located in the upper-right area (above the Save buttons).
  3. In this tab, check the box next to the roster(s) you would like to include and retitle if you’d like.
    • The “Faculty Credentials Table” is a read-only faculty list from your Credentials module.
    • The “Faculty Roster Form” is a four-column format (see above screenshot).
  4. Edit the sub-title of the roster if desired.
  5. Check the box next to the organization preference. You can either list the faculty members by the Department noted in the “Department(s)” field of their profile, or by a “Discipline.”
  6. If you would like to include a Footnote at the bottom of the roster pages, check the box, “Include Footnote” and add your text.
  7. Check the box on whether or not you would like to include any faculty not assigned to courses in any term of the Credentials module.
  8. You can filter my Managing Department as well. You would use this feature if, for example, you only wanted to include faculty from the College of Education rather than the entire institution.
  9. You could also filter by a particular field in the faculty profile. For example, if you've created Category(ies) for you faculty, and wish to filter by one of them, click the green + to add an expression. Choose the field you'd like to filter by and the option of the field you'd like to have.
  10. When finished, click “Save & Close.” The roster will be located that the bottom of the standard, just above the Sources list.

As the roster is displaying Credentials information, a user's account must have permissions in the Credentials Module before they can view a Faculty Roster that you have generated.  

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