Our accreditation archive process offers each campus two (2) flash drives per archive, at no cost. If you wish to purchase additional drives, beyond the two offered, the cost is $100 per flash drive. There are no additional shipping charges if additional drives are purchased.

 Do note that Campus Labs has a completely free and secure way to receive your archive files without the unpredictability of shipping. It is via SFTP, or Secure File Transfer Protocol. This would allow you to download the files directly to your computers on your campus without the unpredictable shipping element. Once downloaded, the files can then be simply copied and pasted onto as many flash drives and discs that you desire. 

The majority of institutional archives do not exceed 4-5 GB, there are only a few campuses that require larger than 8GB. 8GB is the standard size that we use when generating flash drives for institutions.

Read more about our archive process, and SFTP file downloads, here: How can I submit my compliance report to my accrediting agency?

 Please contact our Campus Support if you'd like additional flash drives copies of your archive.

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