As part of your contract, Campus Labs can create a read-only copy of your Accreditation module for your upcoming accreditation submission through a process called archiving. Below is an explanation of the archiving process. It is important to note that the archive process takes five (5) full business days to complete, and it is imperative that we plan ahead for your submission, so the archive can be processed in a timely manner.

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When you are completely finished working on your report and are ready to run link checks and lock your site for archiving, submit a request on our support website— (this site!). Be sure to note which tabs of your Accreditation site you will be archiving.

*Note: If your Compliance Assist site is authenticated, we will disable this service in order to process the link checks and archive. This means that access to all modules within Compliance Assist will be suspended to all users. By doing this, it is guaranteed that users will not change any information on the site during the archive process. Please plan accordingly and communicate this with all CA users.

The link checks conducted will provide a list of any broken links within the report. A broken link results when a file has been linked within a requirement and then removed, making the link empty. The link check will also identify any external web links that require authentication to be viewed. Once any broken links have been identified and resolved, we will extract all of the content in your site for the particular submission. This means that all information that you have physically uploaded into Compliance Assist such as text, images, and documents, as well as the pre-loaded welcome pages will be included. The archive will produce a folder containing all of your website’s documentation, linked together.

Please note that if you are using URL Sources in your report, a reviewer MUST have internet access to view those external web links. The external websites cannot be self-contained in the archive files.

Additionally, please alert our team if you are submitting your report with Credentials, Planning, Program Review, or Gallery sources as extra steps need to be made to ensure they are archived with your Accreditation report.

Our Archive Process

Our process will allow you to receive your archive files in a secure way, eliminating the unpredictable shipping element. We highly recommend using our SFTP process to ensure your files are received and safely in your hands in a timely manner.

To receive your website’s archive our technical specialist will upload a folder, along with several other relevant files, to a SFTP, or secure file transfer protocol. When the files are ready for you to download, you will be given the appropriate SFTP settings, and a unique username and password. In order to download the files, you will need a software client that can handle SFTP. A recommended program is Filezilla, which is free, safe, and reliable. If you cannot download this program on your own, please contact your IT department. To download Filezilla, specifically, please see their website ( These archive files cannot be downloaded using an internet browser. 

When you are ready to download your archive files, the files may be in a compressed (zipped) folder. You will need to unzip the folder once it is saved to your computer. Finally, you’ll be able to copy and paste, or click and drag, the downloaded files onto your own flash drives, which you will then submit to your accrediting agency.

If you prefer a flash drive copy, Campus Labs can create two (2) flash drives for you and ship them to your campus. Please note that if overnight shipping is required, there will be an extra charge.

If you wish to purchase additional flash drives, beyond the two offered, they may be purchased for $100 per flash drive. There are no additional shipping charges if additional drives are purchased.

Reminder: Please have your site ready for lock down five (5) full business days before you need the files in your hands. For example, if you need the files by the end of the day on Monday, please have the site ready no later than the Monday before. This lock down includes the link check(s), the archive, the checking of your files, and the upload to the SFTP system.

The process is completed free of charge unless you request an overnight shipment of two (2) flash drives or purchase additional flash drives above the two offered.

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