A read-only copy of a report from within Anthology Accreditation can be generated for your upcoming accreditation submission. Below is an explanation of the report generation process. It is important to note that you should start this process at least five (5) days before you need to have your offline report files for submission.

Steps in the process


Continue reading below to see the individual steps in this process and also check out this video tutorial in the Anthology Academy.


1. Log into your Anthology Accreditation site and choose Offline Report from the Options menu.


2. Click New Offline Report

3. Provide information about what you would like to be included in the Offline Report.

Explanation of Report Type options (Step 3)

HTML – Full Offline Report .zip file will include a report launch file for offline web-style viewing, a reports contents folder, and system requirements for access to your accreditation report 

PDF – Full Offline report .zip file will include a PDF file of your report that includes a formatted Table of Contents, a reports contents folder of linked evidence, and system requirements for  access to your accreditation report

* If your report collection contains a Page Library titled "Integrity," we recommend checking the box next to Integrity. 

4. Review the details of your request and then click Next to start the Link Check process.


5.  You will then be taken back to the request screen.  An email will be sent to you when the Link Check is complete and the results are available.  You can also click on the name of the report to see the status of the Link Check. Depending on the size of the report and the number of links this process can take some time. 

The Link Check conducted will provide a list of any broken links. A broken link results when a file has been linked within a requirement and then removed, making the link empty. The Link Check will also identify any external web links that require authentication to be viewed.


6.  Once the Link Check is complete you will be able to view the results and identify any links that need to be updated.  If you do not have any links that need to be updated then you can continue to the next step of generating the report. 

If you do have links that need to be updated, make those adjustments and then you can come back to this page to rerun the Link Check.


7.  Click the Generate Report button to trigger the .zip file generation. The length of time it takes to generate the .zip file varies depending on the size of the data requested. You will receive an email once the report is available.




8. You will need to unzip/extract the entire zipped folder once it is downloaded to your computer before attempting to view the Offline Report. We recommend using a Windows PC to extract the zipped folder. To view your report: double-click on the ViewReport file from the unzipped folder.  

9. You can copy the entire folder onto your own flash drives or upload directly to a submission portal, depending on your accrediting agency requirements.


The report will include all the information that you have physically uploaded into the specific compliance collection you chose; such as text, images, and documents, as well as the pre-loaded welcome pages. 

Please note that if you are using URL Sources or hyperlinks to external websites in your report, a reviewer MUST have internet access to view those external web links. Any links to external websites cannot be self-contained in the Offline Report files.

Learn more about offline reports and report features with Accreditation - Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have any questions or need additional assistance please reach out to our support team.

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