Below is the information for customizing your Anthology Accreditation and Program Review modules. Generally, this information is passed on to a member of the marketing/public relations department, but if you have a member of your team that is able to do this work, great!

For a custom banner/header:

Size:  990 x 120 pixels

*Note: 120 pixels is the height of the banner, and can be adjusted to your liking.

Format:  .jpeg

Examples of other website banners are attached to this article.

For a desired color scheme:

Please provide the HEX code(s) for the desired colors or a link to a website with the color palette you wish to emulate within your Accreditation and Program Review site. Please provide at least two or three colors.

To help with HEX codes use or, or inquire with your institution’s marketing/communications office. Another popular site is


All files and color information should be emailed to to update your site.

For questions, contact Campus Labs Support.

Contact our Support Team:

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