Generating a departmental report is quite simple! Go to the Reports tab in the top navigation bar, choose the department you would like to collect the report from, and click on “Generate". Generating a report will take the most up to date information and place it inside of your report. In the generation window you can pick which format you would like (PDF, Word, and Excel). Also, depending on your report’s settings you may also be able to select the report’s date range. Once you click the “Generate Report” button, our system will begin to generate your report and email you once the report is ready to be viewed. To see previously generated reports click the "Download" button (next to the “Generate” button). This will allow you to view up to five previous generations of the report.


Typically, only Site Administrators have access to create and manage reports from scratch. If you have access to do this, see our training video in the webinar archive.

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