There are many ways to get your users prepared for using the Planning module for planning and assessment. The most important aspect of preparation is to make sure the users understand why Compliance Assist Planning was chosen for your campus and the overall purpose behind it. Additionally, explain to your users the many benefits of keeping all of their assessment information in one easy-to-access location. 

You can create an excellent presentation using a variety of tools--Keynote, PowerPoint, and Prezi, or even do a live-site demonstration with sample planning information. Again, you'll want the presentation to reiterate your campus' planning process, and the foundation of assessment, all the while helping your users understand the why behind it all!

One of our member campuses, Brenau University, created a great Prezi presentation to introduce their faculty and staff to the Planning module. Take a look. This is a great example of how any campus can get their users excited about the planning and assessment process while introducing them to a new tool!

If the link above does not work to access the Prezi, click on the link below:

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