The best way to manage workflow in the Planning module is to utilize the Progress field. 


The Progress field is displayed on both the My Dashboard > My Roles page for a user, the general workspace in each of the plan tabs and in the related items area. Progress options can be customized per institution, so you can easily add options like, "Ready for Review," or "Data Collection Planned." When users select these options, site administrators are able to run reports using our filtering tools to pull items where a particular progress option is selected. We recommend setting a "review date," so your users know when they should anticipate a report generation, and when items will be reviewed. You can do this weekly, or once to twice a month. 


Any review comments can be done offline, or you could implement a custom field within your planning items such as "Review Team Comments," so the comments are directly tied to the item at hand.


Contact your Consultant to discuss ways to manage workflow.

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