Program Review is defined as the comprehensive and systematic process that involves the collection and analysis of in-depth information about a program. It is an opportunity for programs and departments to evaluate opportunities and challenges, as well as report on progress and assess where they are going in the future. This session will focus on the benefits and challenges of conducting program review in higher education. It will also allow attendees to gain the perspective of program review from two different Campus Labs Member Campuses, representing both academic and student affairs perspectives as well as both four-year and two-year colleges. Both campuses will discuss their current program review processes on campus, the steps they took to develop these processes, their challenges and successes during this development, and their ideas for the future. Guest Presenters: Anne Lundquist from Western Michigan University has twenty years of increasing administrative responsibilities in higher education, having served as the dean of students at four liberal arts colleges. Using her expertise in several areas, Anne has presented on risk management, institutional liability, students with psychiatric disabilities, assessment and strategic planning, and the development and implementation of integrated community standards/restorative justice judicial models. She is the co-author of The Student Affairs Handbook: Translating Legal Principles into Effective Policies (LRP, 2007). Anne received her BA in Religious Studies from Albion College and her MFA from Western Michigan University in Creative Writing. Currently, Anne is a PhD candidate in the Educational Leadership program at Western Michigan University with a concentration in Higher Education Administration, where she works with the vice president of student affairs on student affairs assessment and strategic planning. Her dissertation research study is entitled Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) in Colleges and Universities: Decision-making and Administration Processes Regarding the Adoption, Implementation and Integration of ERM.

Pamela Federline is the Institutional Effectiveness and Grants Coordinator for Brunswick Community College in southeastern N.C. Pamela has spent over 25 years working in the public sector, including public maternal and child health and public education spanning pre-K to medical school. Across health and education, she brings strong analytic skills to reviewing everything from grants to educational programs, in particular, using her expertise in needs assessment in college level planning and assessment. In recent years, Pamela has worked on transitioning BCC to use of online planning and assessment software, including a recent transition to Campus Labs, using both the planning and program review modules. She chairs the Fifth Year Accreditation team currently preparing for their 2014 Fifth Year Interim Report and was involved in the successful completion of BCC’s decennial review in 2008.

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