What size flash drive should I buy for an archived site? 8GB is the standard size that we use when generating flash drives for institutions. The majority of archives do not exceed 4-5 GB, and there are only a few campuses that require larger than 8GB.

What is a requirement Source?  A Requirement Source is a document that will only be referenced in a specific requirement/standard.  More details about requirement sources can be found here.

Can I print my report? Yes! For instructions on how to print your Accreditation reports, please see this article.

How can I create Source Links in my narrative? Watch how to create source links here.

 How do you upload documents to the Document Directory?  Uploading documents to the Document Directory is a very simple process.  For more details on how to upload documents, please click here.

 Can I copy and paste information from external sources? Yes. Please see article for more information.

 How do I add new Users?  Site Administrators can add new users without a mass import by your Product Specialist. Simply follow the steps here!

What is the difference between a report and a page? See here for an overview of pages and reports.

How can I link Linking Planning Sources into a Requirement?  Please see detailed article on how link a source from your Planning module into a review item within the Accreditation module.

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