In your Accreditation module, you have the ability to link source documentation into your narrative field.

  1. In edit mode of your requirement, scroll to the bottom of the page to find the Document Directory, URL, or Planning Sources, shown in table formats.
  2. Once your sources are loaded into the appropriate areas, return to your Narrative text box. 
  3. Within your text, you can create links to the sources listed below for easy reading. 
    • First, you can either highlight text or place your cursor at the end of a sentence. 
    • Using the "Source Links" drop-down menu located in your formatting tool bar, choose the source you would like to reference from the list. 
      • If you place your cursor at the end of a sentence, the link will appear with the name of the document and page number (if there is a page referenced). If you had highlighted text and attached the link, the document will open by clicking on the text you selected.
  4. Be sure to save the requirement when you are finished working.

See a demonstration of this process in our training video.

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