Many institutions working on compliance reports often cross-reference accreditation standards. You are able to link standards to one another within the Accreditation module by using the Hyperlink tool; however, it is important to follow the following steps, to ensure that the link is inserted locally. The link must be local in order to function properly in a report archive.


*TIP: for efficiency, open the standard you are linking to in a separate browser tab or window.


  1. Highlight text in the Narrative that you would like to link to another standard (this is often the number and name of the standard).
  2. Click the Hyperlink tool in the formatting toolbar: insert_hyperlink.JPG
  3. In the second tab or window, highlight and copy the text in the URL bar beginning with, “requirement.aspx?id=….”

EXAMPLE of highlighted and copied information (shown in yellow):


  1. Paste the copied address into the URL field of the Hyperlink tool window within edit mode of the requirement you’re working on. Be sure to remove the existing “http://” text.
  2. Click “OK.”
  3. Save your requirement, and test the link in either Preview or read-only mode. Re-link if necessary.


Check out a training video for a demonstration. For assistance, contact your Consultant.

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