To link a source from your Planning module into a requirement within the Accreditation module, follow the simple steps below!

  1. First, you must have the Planning Sources table located at the bottom the edit page of your requirements
    • If this table is not in edit mode, please contact your Support Coordinator to enable this feature.
  2. Click on "+Add New Source" and a new window containing your Planning module's organizational chart will open.
  3. Be sure to double-check the Filter to be certain you are attaching items from the correct year. If the Filter needs to be adjusted, click "Edit Filter."
  4. In the organizational chart, choose the department that holds the Planning items you would like to attach.
  5. Choose one, or more, items by checking the box to the left of the Type column.
  6. Once the item(s) is selected, click on "Add Selected Items."
  7. Your items will populate in the Planning Sources table in your requirement. 
    • If you prefer the items be in .PDF format. You can select the item and choose "Edit Selected Source." Choose the PDF option. You can also delete items by selecting the item and clicking "Delete Selected Source."
  8. When are finished working in the requirement, be sure to click "Save" or "Save and Close."

When you use the "Planning source" field to bring Planning data into Accreditation, you will have to authenticate into Planning when trying to access that item in the live site. This will prevent someone who has access to an Accreditation requirement, but not an item in Planning, from gaining access to data they aren't already provisioned to view. However: our archiving tool bypasses permissioning so that a reviewer accessing Planning items in the archived site will be able to view them as evidence without credentials.

For a demonstration of these steps, see our training video.

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