How do I export my Users/Roles?  To see a listing of Users and Roles in the system follow the steps in this article.

How do I assign Responsible Roles?  The Responsible Roles field within Planning templates is used to “push out” Planning items to a user’s My Dashboard > My Roles sub-tab.  This article provides instructions on how to assign these roles.

How can I add, edit, and delete Planning Items?  The Planning module workspace is quite user friendly. To add, edit, or delete items from your department’s workspace, follow the steps here!

How do I generate a departmental report? See how to generate this report here.

What are Master Items?  Master Items are data type templates typically used for Site Administrators to pre-populate information into a user's department/workspace.  Master Items are created using Organizational Categories within your organizational chart.  Contact your Product Specialist to discuss if using Master Items is right for your institution.

I deleted something, can I get it back?  Once a Planning item is deleted from Compliance Assist it is permanently removed and cannot be retrieved.

How do I copy my data from one year to the next?  If you would like data from a year copied over to the next year in your site, your Support Coordinator can take care of that for you.  For more information, click here.

Where is my data?  The Planning module organizes data in three ways—by plan, fiscal/academic year, and department.  Click here for more details. 






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