Relating planning items allows an institution to establish relationships between assessment information. For example, many Departmental Goals support an Institutional Strategic Initiative, and Student Learning Outcomes support Program Goals. Keep in mind that every institution is different when it comes to assessment planning. To better understand how relationships are established on your campus, contact your Site Administrator.

To relate planning items to one another, follow the steps below!

1.  Open the existing planning item and click on the “Related” tab that is located in the upper-right corner. The tab is available while in “View” or “Edit” mode.

2.  Depending on the data item settings, you will need to decide if the planning item supports upwards or downwards.

  • If you are supporting Upwards, you will work out of the “Items This [Date Type Template] Supports” table.
    • Example of Upward Relationship:  Objectives support Goals
  • If you are supporting Downwards, you would work out of the “Items Supporting This [Data Type Template]” table.
    • Example of Downward Relationship:  Goals are supported by Objectives

3.  Click on the “+Add” button in the proper work table.

4.  Use the “Edit Filter” button to ensure you are displaying the proper data types and years.

5.  Highlight the Department/Division in the organizational chart where the planning items you are relating to are housed.             

  • Note: By default, you will see your current department folder. Sometimes data will be located in a different level of the organizational chart. For example, relating up to an Institutional Goal would generally be located at the highest level of the chart.

6.  Once you have identified the data you are relating, click in the check box next to the data type(s).

7.  Click the green “Add” button at the bottom of the page.

8.  The item(s) you have selected will now display in the table, as well as at the bottom of View mode in your item.


*For a demonstration of these steps, see our training video.

If you're not sure which items relate to each other in your institution's Planning module, contact your Site Administrator.

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