For those institutions that have both the Planning module and the Campus Labs Baseline product, you are able to create a seamless connection between your assessment plan in Planning and your assessment data in Baseline!

First, you must have included the “Campus Labs Data Sources” field within a data type template in Planning. For information on how to add this field, see Creating New Data Type Templates, or, Editing Existing Data Type Templates. A project must also have been created in Baseline with at least one saved view in order to add any results.

Once the “Campus Labs Data Sources” filed is included in the template make sure to click the "Allow Baseline Sources" box, and a Baseline project is created, follow the steps below!

  1. When in edit mode of an item (after an item is saved once), click the “+ Add Baseline” button in the sources area (this field may be renamed to “Baseline Sources,” “Campus Labs Projects,” etc.).
  2. If prompted, login to Baseline using the Baseline specific credentials or your campus credentials.
  3. Choose the project, on the left side of the window, where your saved view is located. Utilize the search features in the top bar for an easy find.
  4. Once the project is selected, choose the saved view to include in your Planning template (shown in a list on the right side of the window).
  5. Once the saved view is chosen, click the green “Add” button in the lower-right corner of the window.
  6. If work still needs to be done in the Planning template, click the green “Save” button; if you are finished working, click the “Save and Close” button.

*If you are not sure how to create a saved view of your project results in Baseline, see the attached guide.

  • Download this file (200 KB) - Baseline - How To Create A Saved View Of Your Assessment Results.pdf
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