The Credentials module is used to house information regarding your terms, faculty, faculty credentials and course assignment information.

The Credentials Data Dictionary attached below covers all of the information you will need to populate each of the four files. Any explicit instructions provided in the Description column of this dictionary will need to be followed and each field labelled as required must be populated for every data row in order for the import to be successful.

Keep in mind that the import files will need to be formatted according to the attached templates below. All field headers should be included however any optional fields may remain blank.

To populate this module with your institution’s information

  1. Review the Organizational chart in your site.  If you need assistance updating this please reach out to use at
  2. Create each of the 4 files using the templates below.  The files will be imported by Anthology in the following order
      • Terms
      • Faculty
      • Faculty Credentials
        • The faculty file will need to be imported before this file so that the credentials can be associated to the faculty member.
      • Courses & Sections
        • The Terms file will need to be imported before this file so that the sections can be associated with the appropriate term.
        • The Faculty file will also need to be imported before this file so that the appropriate associations can be made.
  3. After your files have been created email and request that an sFTP directory be set up for your institution.  If you already have an sFTP directory set up with Anthology you can simply let us know that your files are ready for us to import when you send the email.
  4. Anthology will upload your files and then reply back to the support ticket that was generated from step 3 to let you know that the import was successful or if there are errors that need to be adjusted.


Anthology takes very seriously the need for accurate data to be reported to accrediting agencies on time when reports are due, so it is of paramount importance to recognize the following before preparing the Credentials Module for an Accreditation archive:

The Credentials Module is intentionally designed as a one-time entry of data. The import files can only add new data to the Credentials module. They cannot update existing profiles. 

Once the Credentials files are loaded, other files can be attached to the data that was entered from either the Faculty, Faculty Credential Details, or Course Section files (e.g. Résumé, Syllabus).  Due to the ultimate nature of this process, it is imperative as a best practice to provide all information after add/drop week of a given semester once this information is not prone to change.

The only course of corrective action once erroneous data is provided for import is for a site administrator on campus to manually edit each line of data (which we recognize to be unfeasible en masse as deadlines approach) or for Anthology staff to roll back the entire Course Sections file, Faculty Credential Details file, and/or Faculty file to prepare for a new round of loading valid data.

Rolling back of any of these three file types will result in a permanent loss of anything that was manually added or attached to the respective data (e.g. manual text edits, file attachments).

Please reach out to if you have any questions regarding this process.

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