A Page Library is a page or collection of pages that include one large text box. These pages are often used to show information that does not require supporting documentation. Page libraries exist in both the Accreditation and Program Review applications and are created and managed in an identical fashion. 

Managing Landing Page Libraries

When opening the Accreditation or Program Review application you notice two Page Libraries, in the example below these, are "Accreditation Information" and "Site Information". A site administrator has the ability to add, edit or delete these pages by following the instructions in the Gif below.




Managing Collection Page Libraries

Unlike landing page libraries, collection page libraries need to be created by the site administrator if an institution wishes to make use of a page library and page(s). The video below walks through how to accomplish this.

When adding a page library you will be presented with a few options:

  • Display in Navigation
    • This will add another tab to your compliance or program review collection. If this option is not checked, non-site administrators will not be able to see or access a given page library.
  • Page Listing on First Page/Page listing on All Pages
    • "Page listing on all pages" will place a "table of content" of all pages within a given library and will be made visible on each page, making it very easy for users to navigate a given page library's pages.
    • If you choose "Page Listing on First Page," then a table of contents will only be places on the first page of the library and users will need to navigate back to the first page each time they would like to move to another page.
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